Availing Governmental benefits

Young Sheetal was just nine years old when she had to move to a Government school in Bhillai, Chhattisgarh, before which she was studying in a private school where she learnt English. But due to an unforeseen and sudden financial collapse, her parents had to move her to a Government school where education is free.

sheetal-from-bhilaiAlthough Sheetal faced some difficulty getting along with the kids in her initial days at Government school, she is now a smart 11-year-old girl who has learnt a lot from her friends in her new school. "In the private school, most children came from well-to-do families. Here, all my friends and their parents go through hardships to make a living since they come from economically backward backgrounds. They all have taught me to value the free education and Akshaya Patra free mid-day meal we get at school," says the 11-year-old.

This is also because of her strong ambition of studying medicine. Sheetal wants to become a doctor and help the under-privileged society in treating illnesses. Sheetal also takes great interest in sports and extra-curricular activities at school. She loves to play Kho-kho. Currently, the financial conditions in Sheetal’s family is quite bad. However, her parents want her to study well and convert her dreams into reality.

"We are supportive of her and want her to accomplish education. We are willing to do whatever is possible by us to nurture her dreams. She's intelligent and we have a lot of scholarship schemes in our country. I'm sure she can avail of those facilities," says Sheetal's father.

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